Workplace Bullying

Is there someone at work who is making your life miserable? You are not alone, workplace bullying is the source of a great

deal of stress and unhappiness and can cause people to feel depressed and anxious. One of the things that it is helpful to

know about this is that the workplace bully tends to be a insecure person who is threatened by the person who is being

bullied. In fact, research supports that the targets of workplace bullying tend to be the most accomplished, concientous

high acheiving workers. In many situations, envy and competetiveness and insecurity on the part of the workplace bully are

the source of the bad behavior.

In addition, workplace bullies can be very charming and not show their destructive side to others and can be very hard to

call out as a great deal of bullying is non-verbal and passive agressive.

If you find yourself upset and unhappy due to someone at work, get help, talk to someone who is not at your workplace to

get perspective or seek the assistance of a trained behavioral health professional to problem solve some strategies to cope.

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