Non Diet Weight Loss

Have you tried dieting and failed? For many dieting is part of the problem NOT the solution. In fact the dieting industry

is a billion dollar business, and despite all the programs out their we are still confronted with an obesity epidemic.

Yo Yo dieting actually is worse than not losing weight at all. Are you tired of counting calories, fat gram, carbs or points?

My program may be for you. My client's learn to naturally lose weight without a struggle. I can help you identify your

triggers for overeating and develop ;skills to handle them. You will be able to lose weight without stress. For most of my

clients there is no knowledge deficit, they can teach others about what to eat, the issue is how to manage the

emotions that cause you to overeat. Call me to learn about my special Non Diet Weight Loss Program which is offered

individually and in groups. Your insurance may cover it. Looking forward to hearing about any questions that you may have.

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