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Couples Counseling

Have you considered giving couples counseling a try? What ensures that a relationship will survive?

Every couple has problems, the difference between a happy and sucessful relationship and relationships that fail are that

sucessful couples learn how to navigate the INEVITABLE problems that occur in a relationship. Couples

counseling could be helpful if you find that you and your spouse are having the same argument over and over

without ever resolving the issue. One useful technique is to make sure you are both not highly stressed when you attempt 

to resolve an issue, when you are angry, anxious, intoxicated or tired is not the time to try to resolve an issue. A 

skilled couples counselor will assist you in learning how to "fight fairly" which means learning to find a middle ground and 

negotiate the recurrent problem areas. Couples counseling should be a safe environment where you each learn how to solve 

the issues that are recurrent and learn how to enrich your relationship and recapture some of the magic of when you first met.

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